Guaranteed Data destruction on all devices collected at our Computer Electronics Recycling Events

 Saturday March 16th 2019  –

Indianapolis Zoo

9AM – 2PM – open to the public – Receive a discount coupon for the Indy Zoo

 1200 W Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46222

 Saturday April 13th 2019  –

City of Fishers  –

8AM – 1PM

Billericay Park -12690 Promise Rd, Fishers, IN 46038

 Saturday April 27th 2019  –

Crime Stoppers –

10AM – 1PM

5 Locations

 Saturday May 11th, 2019  –

City of Westfield

8am to noon

 2728 East 171st Street | Westfield, IN 46074

 Saturday May 18th, 2019  –

Brown County

8am to noon

 176 Old SR 46 Nashville, IN 47448

 Saturday June 8th 2019  –

Mt. Lebanon UMC  –

8AM – 12 Noon

 3447 S SR 9, Greenfield, IN 46140

Over the years, Technology Recyclers has been proud to offer drop off events where we raise local awareness for electronic recycling, as well as offer you a one-stop option for unloading all your unused electronics. These events, mostly for local residents, have been very productive in recycling thousands of pounds of electronics that might otherwise be dumped into landfills.

Since 2012, we have provided 100+ community-wide events, and look forward to playing an even bigger role in our community service this next year. Year after year, our business continues to see growth in the amount of hazardous electronics we recycle. We would like to see those numbers continue to rise as we partner with you to reduce and eventually eliminate the irresponsible disposal of harmful electronics.

Last year with your help, we were able to recycle OVER 25 million pounds of electronic waste; that’s a huge amount of waste that not only is spared from infesting landfills across the country, but is also being recycled back into the market where the materials can be reused.



Interested in hosting an event in your City or Company?

Please contact dale@tech-recyclers.com