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We recycled over 200 tons of computer and electronic waste at our spring events this year.

Welcome to Technology Recyclers, the Official Sponsors of Tomorrow. Operating out of our facility in Indianapolis,  we provide computer electronics recycling services to all of Indiana.

Our work gives a better future for our world through community, business, and local government recycling projects. Most of all, it’s our mission is to save the earth and the people in it. We offer Corporate/Business Pickup Services, Community Drop Off Events, and Residential Drop Offs at our Facility.

So many people came out from the community to support our spring events. Because we are 100% landfill free operation, you are saving the earth and the people in it when you participate in our community drop off events. That’s why we are the Official Sponsors of Tomorrow.

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April Hensley
April Hensley
Thank you Technology Recylers - for recycling Christmas Lights at White's ACE Hardware in Carmel! Such a terrific service!
Christy Lyons
Christy Lyons
The timeliness of the response was exactly what we needed. Also, they took a couple of things we were not expecting. We are very appreciative of their service.
Adrian Luley
Adrian Luley
Great service and even better Customer service. Thanks for the help guys!
Jamie Warren
Jamie Warren
This is a very useful service, the workers make this an easy process.
Kasey Denton
Kasey Denton
Efficient and timely, veteran owned, and saves product from landfills.
Joshua Faudree
Joshua Faudree
Great service and easy process with them.
Craig Shockley
Craig Shockley
Very professional, quick service, great employees!
Balaggan Saab
Balaggan Saab
Tight to back into the dock, had to blindside back. Quick loading. checked in 9am out at 940am.
G Marshall
G Marshall
Great service. Fast, efficient pick up. Thanks!
Robert Farmer
Robert Farmer
The owner, Dale, was so friendly and helpful when assisting me trying to recycle my washer and dryer. I was able to drop them off along with a old large TV when they were doing a cross promotional event with The Colts at Lucas Oil, and it was a quick and easy process! Can't recommend enough! Thanks again!

What We Recycle


Computers (Monitors, Laptops, Desktops)


Fax Machines

Keyboards and Mice

DVD Players


Digital Photo Frames

Gaming Consoles

DVR Devices

Digital Cameras

iPods / MP3 Players

It doesn’t matter how big your computer electronics recycling needs are; from 10 devices to an entire office space full of unwanted electronics. We are willing and able to take on the challenge. We recognize that everyone’s needs are different. Whatever you require, we are on hand at a moment’s notice to help you dispose of your electronics responsibly.




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Certificate of Destruction


We keep our entire process under scrutiny at all times. In this way, we ensure that every step is made in compliance with industry standards and our own demand for professional operations.


Once every stage in the computer electronics recycling process is complete, we send you a verified certificate. This certificate proves the removal of all your data from the devices and that the itself is safely and responsibly recycled. You receive a hard copy of your certificate that you keep on hand for future reference when you need it.


Electronics Recycling

Based on recent statistics, the United States generates 220 million tons of waste every year. What’s more, 55% of that, or about 120 million tons of waste, goes into landfills, annually. As a result, the basic problem of pollution is even more significant when you consider electronic devices. This is, in part, due to the hazardous material they contain that does not simply erode over time.

If electronics are dumped in landfills, they leak dangerous chemicals into the environment and cause major health concerns. 

In most cases, recycling is simply the more responsible choice. But in the area of electronics, it becomes essential to our health. If not recycled, many of these electronics end up in landfills hazarding our safety and the safety of the planet.


That’s why at Technology Recyclers, we work to rule out this problem with our goal to contribute zero electronics to landfills. Not only that, we sort these obsolete devices back into their basic material parts through computer electronics recycling. This allows us to reintroduce them to the market in a sustainable way.

Technology Recyclers Keeps Your Identity Safe

We ensure that all information from devices can never be retrieved. This includes all stickers, tags, or markers that identify you. This is relevant to keep you and your company safe and secure throughout our recycling process. We seek to keep not only your information, but also your identity safe. Its especially important for healthcare or securities industries that put a premium on data security.


Our company is built on the principle of going the extra mile. We serve our customers with the most convenient, safe, and reliable computer electronics recycling process possible. Most of all, this includes the safety of your information. As soon as the electronic devices leave your company walls and enter our trucks, you transfer all liabilities to us. This is another security measure just as important for your protection.

If your company is cleaning out it’s offices or moving, we can show up on the day you need and haul away any unwanted computers or electronics. In the past, we have serviced entire office buildings with piles of unwanted computers, printers, and phones. We do all the removal, loading, organizing, and recycling, and at no charge, regardless of the amount of devices.


Aside from being against the law, the traditional disposal of electronic devices brings with it, a unique set of security risks. We are able to provide certificates which prove all your sensitive data is safely and permanently erased from every device we recycle. Our exacting standards for destroying your data begins when each truck is unloaded.


Every item we pick up will be entered into a virtual database, where it is processed and a record kept for any future needs.


Any item that contains data like cell phones, external hard drives, or hard drives in computer bodies are removed. Once removed, we destroy each device one by one so that no information can ever be retrieved from it. These devices are carefully shredded by our top-of-the-line industrial equipment.


Electronics Recycling Events

Over the years, Technology Recyclers has been proud to offer drop off events. We raise awareness for computer electronics recycling, and offer a one-stop option for unloading all your unused electronics. These events for local residents recycle thousands of pounds of electronics that might otherwise be dumped into landfills.


We’ve held community drop off events in Fishers, Carmel, and Brownsburg, just to name a few. This allows us to spend up to six hours in our residential communities, making our world a safer place.


In the last 8 years, we’ve held over 130 community recycling events. We look forward to playing an even bigger role in our community service this year.

Year after year, our business continues to see growth in the amount of hazardous electronics we recycle. These numbers continue to rise as we partner with you to reduce the disposal of harmful electronics.


With your help, we were able to recycle millions of pounds of electronic waste last year. That’s a huge amount of waste that spares landfills across the country from electronic waste. It is also recycled back into the market where the materials are reused.


Technology Recyclers

Free Computer Electronics Recycling

We recognize that every individual and every business has different needs. Whatever your chief concerns are, from bulk recycling to secure data removal, we commit to go above and beyond what you would expect. Most of all, we give you peace of mind that your computer electronics recycling needs are in the right hands.

There are many benefits to partnering with us in safe, responsible, and secure recycling of your electronics. For instance, you ensure that not only your needs are met, but that the world is a safe place for generations to come. We at Technology Recyclers offer a safe, responsible, and completely free service. From pickup to the recycling process itself, we are your one-stop solution for any and all electronic recycling needs.

Finally, we want you to know that we are continually monitoring our work. Therefore, we are always looking for areas in which we can improve and innovate every part of the recycling process. This is just part of our effort to be the very finest in the field. We hope we have earned your loyalty as together we seek to save the earth and the people in it.

We are Technology Recyclers, the Official Sponsors of Tomorrow.



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