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Services we offer

We have 4 major offerings: We offer free business pickups, we accept drop offs at our location in Indianapolis, we hold many recycling events for everyone at a location near you, and we provide secure, certified destruction of obsolete, recalled, or distressed materials from logistics companies.

What our certifications mean

We are R2, Rios, NAID certified, and IDEM registered. These certifications mean that we recycle using the highest levels of data security, ecological safety, and workplace excellence. We are inspected and held to the highest standards in our industry. Further, we are HIPAA, FERPA, DOD and NIST 800-88 compliant for data destruction. This means that we have the highest standards in protecting any of your data and equipment.

Why recycle

It is against the law in Indiana to throw electronics in the trash. Electronics in landfills will leach out hazardous chemicals into the ground and destroy the earth.

Years in business

We were born on August 1st of 2011.

How we rank

Our customers tell us we are the best. We have over 368 5-star reviews on Google, and many customers have been with us since our beginning. We have been chosen to hold events in some of the largest municipalities and corporations multiple years in a row. Repeat customers say it all.

What areas we service

We service the whole state of Indiana and other areas by request. Depending on the items and load size, we have gone as far as Boston and Minneapolis for our customers.

Trucks and team

We use our employees trained for R2 values and safety in the use of our trucks. We utilize 26 foot box trucks that are dock height and have a liftgate for flexibility.

Home and residential pickups

Sorry, we do not pick up at residential addresses.

Certificates of destruction

Depending on your needs, we can provide a variety of certificates of destruction. Please discuss this when booking your pickup.

How long does it take to schedule?

Depending on your location and the specific details of your pickup, this can range from the next day to a week or two. If your load is small and far away from Indianapolis, we may couple it with another for efficiency, which could take longer. Tell us your desired time frame and we will do what we can to make it happen.

What happens to your items

We guarantee data destruction on all devices collected. We check in the items, triage them for disposition, dismantle, separate, shred, and convert them using waste to energy. Commodity materials are sold to be remanufactured and some components may be reused. We are landfill free. Not a single pound collected ends up in a landfill.

Drop offs

We accept drop offs, Monday through Friday 9am to 3pm – no appointment needed. We are closed for most major holidays, so feel free to check ahead. If you get your items here, we will help you unload them. We accept cash, check, or charge card.

What we accept

We are a computer and electronics recycling company. We also accept metal items and most office setting appliances and equipment. This includes computers, monitors, networking equipment, data center devices, phones, wires, cables, power supplies, and all batteries (large and small). We do not accept lightbulbs, wood, chemicals, clothing, or furniture.


For residential customers, most drop off  items are free of charge. However some items cost to recycle. TVs of any size and monitors of any type or size are $20 each. White Boards are $10 each and full size copiers are $50 each.

Business customers are offered a discounted rate on TVs and monitors. LED and LCD monitors are no charge. Please call for pricing. We are happy to invoice you for online payment ease or traditional check or electronic transfer. If you are a business customer dropping off, please come to the office and share your company information.

Prices at public events are published per event.

Schedule a pickup

Call 1-800-237-3887 or contact us. Let us know how much you have for pick up, the exact location, name, and phone number for the onsite contact and any details about the load (i.e. loose, in boxes, on pallets, etc.).


We’d love to hear from you!

Feel free to send us an email, call, or find us on Facebook or Instagram.