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Earlier this year, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) issued a press release recognizing Technology Recyclers as one of the recipients of a large, state-wide grant program. The Recycling Market Development Program (RMDP) awarded eight organizations with $1 million in grant funding to expand recycling efforts in Indiana. This is all part of a large-scale initiative to expand recycling efforts through a variety of projects. 

Technology Recyclers was awarded $97,500 to launch a marketing and education campaign to encourage hazardous electronic-waste recycling. The goal is to increase e-waste collection by 25% or 2,961 tons per year. 

The purpose of the IDEM is to implement federal and state regulations regarding the environment. Through compliance assistance, incentive programs and educational outreach, the agency encourages and aids businesses and citizens in protecting Hoosiers and our environment.

By fostering recycling markets in Indiana through RMDP grants, IDEM supports the growth of the state’s private recycling sector infrastructure. The projects will increase recycling for curbside recyclables, plastics, cardboard and e-waste from municipal solid waste by almost 6,700 tons per year. 

The grant money for the program comes from fees on solid waste disposed at Indiana landfills. The fund supports source reduction, reuse, recycling and composting to prevent solid waste from permanent disposal. 

We are very excited to be awarded for this grant, and promise that we will use every penny to save the earth and the people in it.