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May 13, 2022. A day that will live in infamy for the 2,910 laptops that crushed the world record for most laptops toppled in a domino fashion. 

It all began over six months previously, as an idea for encouraging the hard-working employees at Technology Recyclers. Working in a warehouse requires blowing off steam every once in awhile, and they decided to do so in a truly original way. As the premiere electronic recycler in Indiana, there is no shortage of broken, old, and obsolete laptops that pass through the doors of Technology Recyclers. So collecting almost three thousand laptops was the easy part. The next step was to set them up. 

Due to unpredictable weather conditions and the sensitive nature of a domino line, these laptops were set up inside the massive warehouse that serves as Technology Recycler’s headquarters. In order to prevent premature toppling, periodic spaces were set apart within the line where laptops were stacked horizontally prior to the attempt. With an official representative from Guinness World Records on site to confirm the new record and a film team to capture it, everything was finally ready for the big day. 

In the morning hours of May 13th, a mysterious calm blanketed the city of Indianapolis. The Guinness World Record representative studiously walked the perimeter of the line, counting all 2,910 laptops, and recording the number on a very official ledger. Gathered for the momentous event, the staff of Technology Recyclers held their collective breath. The only sound in the warehouse was the steady hum of a drone overhead, recording the moment. The signal was given, partner Matt Wright pushed the first laptop, and in 3 minutes and 44 seconds, it was all over. The previous record of about 500 laptops was destroyed. Then came the time for celebration, speeches, the flow of wine, and good cheer. And cleaning up the mess. 

While seeing all these laptops fall one after the other was an unforgettable experience, the really good news is that none of them ended up in a landfill. All 2,910 laptops would be safely and sustainably recycled for a brighter tomorrow. When it comes to breaking records, Technology Recyclers has a fun time, but is always serious about saving the world and the people in it.